Wednesday, April 17

Bland Vissel snatch mid-week points

J.League Division 2 - Round 9
2013/04/17 19:04 Noevir Stadium Kobe
Vissel Kobe Giravanz Kitakyushu
Ogawa (26')
Mazinho (36')
Goals(33') Oshima
They say the sign of a championship winning team is one that can grind out wins despite below par performances. Well, if that's true, they might as well just hand us the trophy now. To paint a picture of the opposition tonight would be difficult without sounding contumelious. This is the kind of team we should be beating 4-0. Had we played like we did against Matsumoto, it could've been 8-0. But we didn't. We lacked the flare down the wings that we had shown in previous outings this season and we got away with a multitude of mistakes in the midfield simply because the opposition wasn't that good. But the most concerning aspect of our lackluster performance was the constant passing the ball backwards, conservative (at times negative) football that was hard to watch. The lack of response from the bench leads me to believe that these were instructions being followed. Popo was in a foul mood, clearly frustrated by the fact that his teammates do not possess his skill or vision, throwing his arms up in the air and kicking water bottles. These are the kind of antics you would expect from a young star playing on a losing team, not a veteran playing on a winning one. All that said, we got the job done, in the ugliest of ways. But we need Estiven back sooner rather than later, because Gamba will crush us if we play like that in 2 weeks.

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