Tuesday, October 16

Il inizio

We initiate La Famiglia di Kobe into the status of supporting group according to the laws of our forefathers. We recognize not the laws of the club nor the stadium in which the team plays, but rather the laws of the other supporting groups that have come before us for the honor of Kobe.

We furthermore intend no disrespect and no dishonor to the local elders: Bianco Nero Vikinghi, 11Stones Kobe, and Kobe Blood. Likewise we adhere not to the rules and traditions of groups who have betrayed Kobe's past: Always Kobe and Ultras.

We swear to attend games when possible and solely support the interest of the Vissel Kobe team and to identify our allegience when attending away games.

For the honor of Kobe we pledge to hoist the colors at all games. This we swear.

We are La Famiglia di Kobe.

We are hereby, made.

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