About Us

La Famiglia di Kobe is a group of Japanese and non-Japanese supporters of the greatest football team in Japan - Vissel Kobe. Though some of us have been Vissel supporters for many years, the group was formed in 2007 as one "faction" of the behind-the-goal support that was/is dominated by much larger groups such as 11 Stones, Kobe Blood and the defunct Vikinghi.
Although our shirts are different, we all sing the same songs, share a common passion for Vissel Kobe and get along well. Admittedly, La Famiglia di Kobe does spend much less time on painting banners etc, and far more time on pre/post-match food and drink, but we are just as dedicated to supporting our team - going to ALL home and some away matches.

Official T-shirt (front) Official T-shirt (back)

La Famiglia di Kobe is sponsored by Avery's Irish Pub located in the center of Sannomiya, Kobe. We usually watch away matches we are unable to attend there, and usually end up there sometime after home matches, too.
Gonta, an izakaya also located in Sannomiya, has become our first choice for post-match food and drinks. The food is tasty, the location is central and they seem willing to put up with the ocassional bit of singing!
La Famiglia di Kobe is always ready to welcome new members, regardless of age, sex or nationality.
Original logo 2007 (left)
As long as you love football, support Vissel Kobe and enjoy good food and drink, there will be a place for you in our group. For more details, contact us at: lafamigliadikobe@yahoo.com. Official T-shirts are sold at Avery's Irish Pub or can be ordered directly through us.
Forza Kobe!!