Tuesday, November 27


A BEEEEEEEEAUTIFUL day!!! Vissel overcame a monstrosity of a ref, incopetent coaching and even a crappy day on the field to tie Unkosaka on a Hail Mary effort!!!

After going down 1 nil around the 30th minute, the Bianquineros put on a powerful show of how to get close to the goal and never pull the trigger...OKUBO! But luckily we had a defender who was in the right place at the right time to blast one past the keeper, into the back of the net, Gamba out of the championship race, and their fans into a state of utter shock. They didn't boo, they didn't cheer, they didn't scream - they just went DEAD silent.

The Densha-Jack itself was quite fun. We got to scream off a couple of Gamba supporters who had the bad luck of waiting for the same train that we were on, and waiting in front of the car that we were on. They ended up waiting for the next one. It was wonderful to get out of a station, walk under a bridge and see an army of Vissel fans waiting on the bridge in Umeda where we were to meet up.

Probably the funniest thing that happened was on the Midosuji line of the Osaka subway, when we watched and prayed that two members of the Gamba Youth Program (no more than 5 or 6 years old), in their uniforms, got on the very same car that we were on. Once they had realized their mistake, it was too late and they were in a swarm of Viking with their black shirts and buzzed heads and 11Stone supporters with their long hair and sunglasses and flags.

The train left the station, and their faces turned to pure fear and terror. Amongst their calls of "kowaaaaaai" and demands that they let us off the train, they figured out that if we wanted to kill them, we would have done it quickly after they got on. Still, they demanded to be let off the train. So, at the next station, after we had decided that we had had a long enough laugh at their expense, the sea of supporters parted to show them the door. Upon this, they thought that we were trying to trick them into getting off at the wrong station - not true. Just trying to let two scared little kids off and make them feel a bit better.

Still, they would not budge. Even after explaining to them what they could do to get away from us, they still refused and even managed a couple of smiles. But by the time we had arrived at our station, once again the sea parted and these two kids ran like all holy hell off the train and up the stairs stopping to turn around as they reached the top. When they saw us getting off, one kid yelled, "Run! They're chasing us!!" And sure enough, they ran away even faster.

Luckily at the stadium station, we were late and their hooligan groups had been told to go into the stadium and let us go where we would, along with the threat of anyone who started a fight or joined one was to be banned for one year from J-League games.

Good day, good game, great celebration at the Official Sponsors of La Famiglia and our terrible habits, The Avery's Irish Pub.

Next week - Yokohama FM.

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