Monday, January 14

Adventures in t-shirts

Alright all you loyal Kobites! It's time to get our t-shirt on!!!

Once again, I will be heading down to our local Idiots'r'us and try to get them to make us some more t-shirts. The last ones were fecked up so absolutely horrendously that we got 'em for free. Which is cool and all but i'r rather have the ones that are not so fecked up. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to go into the studid den once again and try to reason with Japanese computer geeks who obviously don't know computers all too well.

As before, the price is 2000 yennies. Those who paid for the last ones will not pay for these and yes, I know who you are. Your options are any of the following on any of the following; marroon, white, and black (i.e. white on black, white on marroon, etc etc etc.).

Thank you very much.

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