Friday, April 11


Just a quick note before I go for the weekend. So with one eye on the St. Louis Cardinals game and the other watching my back, and my head wandering because I just found out that the U.S. will play England at friggin' WEMBLEY towards the end of May...


Tomorrow, the 12th, is the first annual La Famiglia Hanami Piss Up (LFHPU as it is known in certain circles), so if you hate pink as much as I do, bring your own beer, food, snacks, servants, mistresses (I guess we shouldn't forget our girlfriends either) and get over it for an afternoon!

And of course, we all know him, we all love him, he really needs no introduction, Kyoto DENSHA JACK!!!! For a schedule, look below, for an English schedule look below that in a different post.

See ya there. Peace to my homies. I'm out like a tourist in Tijuana.

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