Sunday, August 10

6 hours to Kobe

Preface: I'm on a train in Shizuoka. So far today I have checked out of a hotel, met my fiance's grandmother, taken God knows how many busses, and had a late lunch with said fiance and her friends from back when she lived in Shizuoka.

Oh yeah. Our train also just took a bird out of the food chain.


Good afternoon loyal followers of the J League! This is your only-when-he-can-be-bothered blogger coming to you LIVE from an overcrowded train somewhere in Shizuoka prefecture! Its not a shinkansen but a rather rickety train that feels as it should be underground. And because of that myself and this pretty little critter sleeping next to me will be playing a game of trainspotting and jumping for the next SIX - count 'em - SIX hours!

At this point i would like to congratulate Iwata of somehow managing to miss golden opportunity after golden opportunity after open goal! It's very possible that they may be able to match Sorimachi Japan in the category of absolute futility when the back of the net stares into their beady little eyes and screams "SHOOT THE BALL YOU WANKER!!"(go yanks!)

I would also like to commend referee Balder-Than-Me-san on being a fecking moron. Here's to your bright future of the J League sweeping you under the rug.

But despite the fact that utter incompetence was the special of the night, someone just had to spoil the party. Kobayashi, I'll never forgive you for netting that goal late in the game and ruining a perfect display of the true meaning of the word worthless by 12 boneheads.

Random update: the train has cleared up a bit and the critter is still sleeping. When i started this i was just outside of Shizuoka and am now at Kanaya. There is a really cool steam train that you can ride that takes you into dou kinds of inaka for about 2000 yennies. Get the ramen just outside of the last station. I digress.

But fear not loyalists of Japan's most beautiful port city! Our moment of forehead smacking was to come after the game when we were to look at the tables and learn that if we had beaten Novo-hombre Sapporo or Under-aChiba that we would be sitting pretty in the top 3 (if you didnt under stand the names leave me a comment and I'll get back to ya.).

So eat that Kobayashi! You tried to ruin a night of complete...i need another word for useless...Mito! but as you can see you have failed in your mission!
And to top it all off, Kobe lost something very dear to them. But unfortunately after 4 straight wins against Jubilo, I have to be the bearer of the heavy news that we have lost a bogey team.

But when one door closes another opens! We are only 6 points off the pace and those same 4 afforementioned wins creates the opportunity of being on the opposite side of the bogey team situation!

And Gamba lost too!!

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NipponBasse said...

Nice result! Would be cool if Kobe managed to make a serious run for a top 3 finish. Seems u were lucky this time around though, but u've played some decent football this season.

Going to Osaka soon, and will try to attend the Vissel-Antlers match in a few weeks time :-)

Anyway, interesting read as always :-)