Friday, January 30

Captain Miyamoto

Today it was announced that Miyamoto will be our captain for the 2009 season- surprise, surprise.

I have absolutely no doubt that he is the right person to wear the armband.
Whether he is our best choice for the center back position is a completely different matter...

Anyway, the boys start their 2-week Guam training camp tomorrow - would love to be there (on the beach, not the pitch). Players have to be registered by Monday August 2 for the J-league so I assume we will be seeing no more signings before the March K.O.
This team looks as good, if not a bit better, than any team we have had up until now. I have to admit though, when I heard that the target for this year was an ACL spot, I expected to see a couple more big signings.

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Anonymous said...

Many other J1 teams would've taken him. Be grateful he chose you guys!