Wednesday, April 22

Vissel 3 -2 Oita Trinita

Finally, some good news for Vissel. We beat Oita 3-2 at home last Sunday - AND we actually desrved to win! Trinita looked dangerous in a few instances, but it was Vissel who dominated the flow of play for the majority of the game.

Our goals came from Mogi, a bit of individual brilliance from Ishibitsu (again), and a nice Tanaka header from a sweet Kitamoto cross!

Mogi was a surprise selection and I must admit I was initially skeptical. However, he looked more threatening than anyone we have had up front all year. He should definitely start the Gamba game.
And Matsuoka is starting to grow on me. With his small stature and baby face, I didn't think he would give us the presence that any team needs at the back of the midfield. But he has turned out to be what we would call in the homeland, "a hard bastard." He's got to watch his card count, though.

Anyway, smiles all round and let's enjoy it while it lasts.
Bring on Scamba.

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