Sunday, April 5

Vissel 0 - 1 Shimizu

In a far from surprising result, Vissel went down 0-1 to S-Pulse at home yesterday. My constant gripe at not having any strike power up front, which may be bordering on annoying for some of you regular readers, has once again been proved to be more than a valid one. In his post match interview, Caio pointed out that he thought our defense was pretty solid and that he couldn't fault the team for their effort. I would probably agree with both of those points (except for Ganaha). He went on to say, "We are not getting results because we are lacking 'something'. We need to find that 'something' and work on it in training." Yes folks, he did actually say 'something'. Well Caio, if you want to find your 'something', take that shitty train out to Banpaku and you will find him in a blue and black striped shirt with the number 23, wearing a massive grin. On the other hand, maybe you would prefer to waste some more of our money (4th highest wage bill in the J. League - what a joke!). In that case, Lufthansa has daily flights out of Kansai to Frankfurt, so get yourself a nice first class ticket and go and watch the other half of your 'something' sitting on the bench at Wolfsburg.

At present, the Vissel Kobe attack consists mainly of crosses to the opposite post in the hope that one of our DEFENDERS might get a head on the ball. It really is painful to watch. Shimizu didn't particularly play that well but they definitely deserved the 3 points. Oh, and kudos to their fans who made a lot of noise, more often than not drowning us out.

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