Saturday, May 2

Jubilo 1 - 0 Vissel

This was our second 1-0 defeat away in 4 days. I didn't watch either game but I have heard a report on the Kashima defeat and seen some highlights. It appears that we were just not good enough against probably the best team in the country. In that sense, conceding only one goal away is not the end of the world.

But today's result is pretty disappointing. I believe we fielded exactly the same team as the one that defeated Gamba a week ago and I expected to get a result against a team in 16th place that has been playing crap all year. This result indicates that our fantastic victory over Scumba was just luck.

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Anonymous said...

it was obvious. We were crap. The only one who played like he cared about the game and the result was our keeper. He was amazing. Everyone else was absolute rubbish. That being said, it's high time to put Hide's ass on the bench. He gave away the ball countless times to Iwata players that were literally standing still...that means HE PASSED THE BALL DIRECTLY AND INTENTIONALLY TO THE OTHER TEAM!!!!

There. I said it. He has been paid off by someone.