Wednesday, August 5

New Manager

The club has just announced the appointment of Miura Toshiya as the new manager. He brings a mixed bag of experience to Vissel having managed at all levels of profession football in Japan, JFL, J2 and J1. He also spent the beginning of his career in Germany where he both played and coached.

Miura spent a total of 5 years at Omiya Ardija between 2000 and 2006, his biggest achievement being promotion to J1 at the end of the 2004 season. He remained in charge for 2 years in J1 before being removed due to the team's below average results.

From 2007 he took charge of Conadole Sapporo and lead them to J1 promotion in the same year after taking out the J2 championship. In 2008 he took the team straight back to J2 and was fired.

And now, he's in Kobe.

This appointment comes as quite a surprise as I thought we were going to stick with Wada until the end of the season and then bring in a big name to lead us to glory in 2010! Miura's record reeks of mediocrity which is in stark contrast from the goals that have been set by the club (and not scored by the team).


Michael said...

We're screwed and the front office doesn't care. We're through. It's finished.

si tu said...

Seems weird to fire a coach on the back of a victory.