Thursday, September 10

Kansai Derby

Less than 2 days until the big game out at Bum-Fucku. With a win, Vissel could actually jump up to 8th in the table, providing some other results go our way.
Apart from survival in J1, NOTHING means more than this match.

Good news. Recent history is on our side. We haven't lost a league game against Scumba for 4 years!

Bad news. It appears that Vissel will be without their largest supporter group, and La Famiglia comrades, Vikinghi. Their main man has been banned for another object throwing incident in the Urawa match, and the group is now prohibited from showing/using their banners, flags etc. Vissel supporters usually only occupy a very small section at away matches so I think we'll be OK this week, but if this ban sticks, our games from now on (both home and away) will not be the same.

Hey, I just found a Kansai Derby page on the J's GOAL website completely dedicated to the six matches per year between Vissel, Scumba and Kyoto. It has statistics and news specific to only those matches and it's actually quite cool!

And for all you tossers out there...
The Vissel Kobe Official Shop will be selling a limited edition Hanshin Derby t-shirt and Scamba/Vissel scarf at the ground on Saturday. Excuse me for cursing but, who the fuck would buy that???
Here's a shot of our captain (ex-Scumba!) holding one of them with a stupid "I'll plug just about anything" grin on his face!!
Look out Bum-Fucku!
Can you imagine Rooney doing the same thing with an Everton scarf, or Sol Campbell with a Tottenham scarf?!

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Michael said...

Yeah, it sucks, but we're still going to be there. It's not like Viking has simply went *POOF* and gone up in smoke like BB did last year - their whole group wasn't allowed in. They would hang out under the station just outside the stadium. Found that out the hard way on my way back to the station alone after last year's densha jack.

Viking will be reinventing itself in the next few days: we have a meeting tomorrow to discuss a new group and you will soon see what comes of it. We have viewed it as a chance to reinvent ourselves, which we will most likely pass up and keep doing what we've always done. I will miss the scarf and hoodie though...