Monday, September 21

Vissel 2 - 2 JEF United

Here's a stat you won't see much. Yesterday's draw was our third draw against JEF this year! 1 point at home against the second bottom team in the league is 2 dropped points. At 2-1, we had more than enough opportunities to seal the 3 points but Okubo, Mogi, and Yoshida, who were all off form, lacked the finishing touch that they have shown us over the last month or so.

The 2 goals from Park were class, particularly the second. He was the only player for us yesterday who could have put that away from that position and he has definitely earned his renewed status as a starting member. Much of the game was played in the top third on either side so Miura was right to keep 3 up front. But considering none of them were making any kind of impact, I can't understand why he waited until the 87th minute to make our first and only substitute (Baba for Mogi). It was a high pace match and some fresh legs (maybe Koga or Matsuhashi) may have made a difference midway through the second half.

Despite our recent run of form, we've given up 2 goals in each of our last 4 games. This could hurt us should we slip down into the relegation battle and it indicates some defensive problems.

Kudos to the JEF supporters, too. They brought a good crowd (not that much smaller than ours!) all the way from Chiba and they were in fine voice. I don't think it will be enough to keep them up, though.

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