Saturday, October 31

Vissel 1 - 0 Kashiwa

Vissel defeated Kashiwa 1-0 at home today to progress to the final 16 of this year's Emperor's Cup. Our goal came in the 68th minute courtesy of substitute Okubo, who was later sent off a minute before time.
Next up, we face Kashima away on November 14.


Endo said...

Too bad that we couldn't beat Kashima to follow you to the last 16 and get the chance to took revange for 2006 playoffs ;)

Good luck in your next games...and please beat Kashima's ass for us :P

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Angel Gil Maestre said...

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Michael said...

Hey Jay, do you have a video of Okubo's red card? I've looked but couldn't find anything.

Jay said...

→Ben, thanks a lot. Hope you can join us back in J1 soon. Or we may heading down your way based on current form!

→Angel, my pleasure.

→Mike, nothing up yet. Maybe soon...