Sunday, December 6

Vissel 1 - 1 Iwata

Typical end to a bad season. With all of the good news we've had over the last few days regarding changes at the club, I think I'll pass on the opportunity to analyze how we didn't win this game, and just start focusing on next season. I honestly thought that we played a bit better than Jubilo. We certainly had the better opportunities, and the fact we were unable to take the 3 points pretty much sums up our season. A win would have seen us finish in 11th place, instead of 14th, which I believe would have painted an inaccurate picture of our 2009 season. Missing our ACL goal by 11 places will end up being a positive if it stimulates the changes that need to be made at Vissel Kobe.

The closing ceremony was very subdued. There were the customary speeches, thank yous and more apologies than a JR Nishi Nihon press conference. The highlight was probably the warm send-off that Nakayama got from both supporters at the end of an amazing career.

And how about those Antlers?! Champions again in a thrilling end to the season!


The Surge said...

Good fight you guys put up. Nice blog you've got, too. If I weren't here in NY I'd make one for Iwata.

Jay said...

Thanks Surge.