Monday, January 18

Home Sweet Home's

The club has just announced it has reached an agreement with NEXT CO.,LTD, parent company of HOME'S, to extend the current contract for naming rights on the stadium for another 3 years. This means our ground will continue to be known as "HOME'S STADIUM KOBE" at least until March 2013.
For those of you who don't know, HOME'S is the largest real estate internet portal in Japan.

Although it's not ideal that our ground is named after a company that has almost nothing to do with our club, you have to admit it could be worse.
As far as names go, it doesn't suck. "We play at HOME'S at home!!"
Moreover, we should think ourselves lucky that corporate Japan sees any value in having its name linked with Vissel.
And finally, think about all those other ground names that DO suck; YahooBB stadium, Outsourcing Stadium (sorry S-Pulse) and stadium - ugh!

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