Wednesday, February 3

Bottle thrower clear

Apparently the club has identified a suspect in the incident where a full PET bottle was thrown on to the field during the final match of the 2009 season against Iwata. Normally, such actions would be met with a ban, according to both J.League and club rules, but the person in question was not caught on camera this time. Although they are confident they know who it was, the individual will not confess despite being identified by stadium staff and supporters, and therefore has escaped punishment.

For all of you Calpis guzzlers out there, you will be glad to know that you can still bring PET bottles into the supporters seats this year, but "surveillance will be increased."


Nerdy said...

Somebody wanged one of those "Four cups at a time" cardboard beerholders at Verdy after a drubbing by Mito Hollyhock a few years back.....conversely he got a round of applause as the thing went for miles like a frisbee!!

Jay said...

Yeh, sometimes it's well-deserved.
Good to see you back, Nerdy!

Michael said...

...can't say I'm not happy for the guy.