Thursday, February 18

Okubo out for 6 weeks

Okubo is likely to miss the first couple of matches in the new season due to knee ligament damage suffered in the South Korea match last Sunday. It sucks BIG TIME to lose our best player to an injury he picked up in a stupid international (East Asian Championship) just prior to the J.League kick off.

12 of our 30 registered players are currently not taking part in normal training because of injuries.


Nerdy said...

Hi Jay,
Where do you get your injury information from?? I`m trying to find out about a couple of Verdy guys and am struggling to be honest!! Any pointers you can give would be most gratefully recieved!!

Jay said...

I get most of the info from sports news websites like the bottom three in my General links on the right.
The official website also has some news (no gossip) but it tends to come out some time after the other sources.
What players are you checking on?