Wednesday, March 3

Kensuke Nagai... We got him!

Finally some good news. The JFA have given Vissel permission to use Kensuke Nagai this year as a "special designated" player. This is a status given to either high school or university players that both the J.league and JFA deem to be exceptional prospects for professional football in Japan, and who currently belong to a team that is a member of either the Japan University Football Association or the All Japan High School Athletic Federation. Basically, he will play for us while continuing to play for his university team, Fukuoka University.
Despite being only 21, Nagai has already made his mark as a footballer in this country. He played a few matches under the same designated status for Avispa Fukuoka last year in J2, has made several appearances for the U19 national squad, and also made his debut in the senior national team in January against Yemen!
The Yemen match was the only chance I've had to see him, but by all reports, he really is a star for the future.

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