Friday, March 12

Okubo & Nagai News

Captain Okubo seems to have made the most amazing recovery from the knee injury that was to see him miss around six weeks. He played for the the last 20 minutes in our opening game last Sunday only 3 weeks into his 6-week lay off. Naturally, being the captain and all that, Okubo said he wanted to make an appearance in the first match, even if he was only half fit. This sentiment I can understand, and appreciate. But what I was most interested in was the manager's comments. Basically, Miura said that he let him play because "he wanted to play." Is it just me that finds this somewhat irresponsible? If your star player was only half fit coming back from injury and you were 2-0 up at home with 20 minutes left, would you play him???
Can you imagine Ferguson or Wenger doing that?

Meanwhile, the boy they are calling the "Golden Egg," Kensuke Nagai, hooked up with the squad in training yesterday and has a chance of making the squad for the match against Hiroshima this weekend. I would love to see him make an appearance in the 65th minute when we are 2-0 up again!!

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