Saturday, April 17

Sendai 0 - 1 Vissel

We got our second win of the season today with a well deserved 1-0 victory over Sendai. Tokura got his first goal for us (and first in J1) with a sweet finish from outside the area and hopefully it is the first of many he scores for us.

I watched the game at the Hub on their tiny screen so I can't really give an accurate report of the match at this time. I will say, though, that there were a few nervy moments in front of our goal and substitute keeper Kishi (Enomoto didn't recover in time) can thank Vegalta's poor finishing for his clean sheet. Actually, I think this may have been the first game he has started during his 5 years with us.

It was good to have both Edmilson and Popo back as starters, although I felt a bit sorry for Tanaka stuck on the bench after his terrific performance the other night. Kitamoto retained his spot at right back , as did Tomita on the left but he went off early with what appeared to be a thigh injury.

Miura made one of the dumbest substitutions ever in the 88th minute when he put on Okubo for Mogi. Okubo admitted himself the other day that he is still not at full fitness, so why would you use him with only 2 minutes left in an away match when your 1-0 up???? Anyway, he finished the match on the floor with a broken nose!

Great to get 3 points!


richy said...

Well, there you go.
I put my foot in it twice this weekend proclaiming a Sendai win over Kobe and a Gifu win over Tokyo....

Not too much in the game I thought. Sendai showed how they can't finish and Tokura came back to score his first goal. Good to see him get one really. Hope he plays well for you from now on.

Anyway, might catch you for the Kobe leg later on if I can manage it!

Jay said...

Yeah, Tokura really needed that goal.

The home match against Sendai is on Nov 6 (Sat). Pencil it in now and see you in Kobe. I'll be up your way before that anyhow...