Wednesday, May 18

Lee Fired

If you are a high profile individual in Japan, don't get drunk and do something stupid.
Following his little drunken spin to the conbini the other night, the club announced today that Lee Jae Min's contract will be terminated - effective immediately. Though we all know how dangerous drunk driving can be, the penalty does seem a bit harsh considering he didn't hurt anyone, physically. I suspect the decision was made a little easier due to the fact that Lee was not a regular starter and had shown no more than average potential at best. Let that be a warning to ALL those people living out in Nishi-ku. Always have a bumper stock of chu-hi for those lonely Sunday nights, or get your girlfriend to do the drink run. And if you don't have a woman, you should NOT be living in Nishi-ku.

Kanaya shacho has also been hit hard with a massive 10% pay cut for the next 3 months!

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