Tuesday, May 3


J.League Division 1 - Round 9
14:00, Tuesday May 3, 2011
Tohoku Denryoku Stadium
Attendance: 30,610
BRUNO Lopes 74'
Team Lineup Team Lineup
DF 14 FUJITA, Seiya DF 23 LEE, Jae Min
DF 4 SUZUKI, Daisuke DF 4 KITAMOTO, Kunie
DF 3 CHIBA, Kazuhiko DF 5 KOMOTO, Hiroyuki
DF 24 SAKAI, Gotoku DF 21 MOGI, Hiroto
MF 6 MIKADO, Yuta MF 24 MIHARA, Masatoshi
MF 15 HONMA, Isao MF 8 MATSUOKA, Ryosuke
MF 8 KOGURE, Fumiya (70') MF 9 ROGERINHO
MF 9 CHO, Young Cheol (87') MF 13 OKUBO, Yoshito (80')
FW 11 BRUNO Lopes FW 20 MORIOKA, Ryota (85')
FW 10 MICHAEL (91') FW 11 POPO (75')
Substitutes Substitutes
GK 22 WATANABE, Yasuhiro GK 1 KISHI, Takahide
DF 5 ISHIKAWA, Naoki DF 2 KONDO, Gakuto
DF 19 HASEBE, Ayato DF 14 MIYAMOTO, Tsuneyasu
MF 32 KOBAYASHI, Yoshiyuki (91') MF 7 PARK, Kang-jo
MF 13 KATO, Masaru (87') FW 17 YOSHIDA, Takayuki (85')
FW 18 KAWAMATA, Kengo (70') FW 27 TOKURA, Ken (75')
FW 23 TANAKA, Atomu FW 31 OGAWA, Keijiro (80')
MIKADO, Yuta (59') MOGI, Hiroto (36')
POPO (43')
LEE, Jae Min (67')
LEE, Jae Min (81')
LEE, Jae Min (81')

Post Match Comments

WADA, Masahiro: Overall
"Once again we couldn't turn our chances into goals. For now, we just have to make the necessary adjustments that can get us goals in the next match."
Can you explain the 3 changes in the lineup today?
I just wanted to make some improvements after the previous match, and the 3 changes (Lee, Morioka, Matsuoka) were based on those players' performance recently in training."
La Famiglia: This was an especially painful game to watch for a number of reasons. First, we cannot score - and we don't even look close to scoring. Second, Wada clearly does not know what our best lineup or formation is, based on the changes he has made over the first 4 matches. Third, our new number 9 cannot pass or shoot...


Ben said...

Reading your comment here, and 'Number 9?' above, brings back painful memories of watching Ricardinho run around like a headless chook for the Gasmen last season.
Similarly, he was listed as a striker but played on the wing, and was an utter disgrace to the rich footballing history of Brazil to be blunt.
This season we have signed a new, proper number 9, Roberto 'The Salad' Cesar, and the jury is still out on him after he's failed to make an impact in the first three games.
Agents are making a mint off these players getting signed, and the clubs are thick as p#gsh#t for taking them on with perhaps only a YouTube clip to go on...

John Rotko said...

How'd Morioka do as a starter ? I thought he was a midfielder ?

Jay said...

@ John
Morioka was average at best. For his first league start, Wada shouldn't have started him up front. He missed a few chances, one of which was a one-on-one with the GK. He did well to get the ball, but didn't really do anything with it. I was really disappointed with the team selection this week...

Jay said...

Yeh, I remember Ricardinho. He played a lot of games for you last season. I guess we have really high expectations for players who are Brazilian and wear the number 9. It makes it harder to accept when they don't perform.
I've been a bit sus on the scouting network of my club over the last few seasons. They pay big money for total unknowns that fail 4 times out of 5. It's just not worth it. Marquinhos went to Sendai on a salary of 70 million! It didn't work out cuz of the earthquake, but that's the kind of signing I wish Vissel would make. He's scored about 150 goals in Japan. A player like that will come in and start scoring goals immediately. Foreign players often have trouble adapting to life in Japan. This is a risk worth taking with a 21 year-old that you can put on minimum salary and play in reserves for a couple of seasons, not a 28 year-old who is demanding close to a million bucks a year.