Saturday, October 15


J.League Division 1 - Round 29
16:00, Saturday October 22nd, 2011
Home's Stadium Kobe
Attendance: 12,706
MORIOKA, Ryota (85') BOSNAR, Eddy (55')
Team Lineup Team Lineup
DF 2 KONDO, Gakuto DF 15 TSUJIO, Shinji
DF 5 KOMOTO, Hiroyuki DF 17 BOSNAR, Eddy
DF 3 SOMA, Takahito (60') DF 4 OTA, Kosuke
MF 24 MIHARA, Masatoshi (89') MF 23 JONG-A-PIN, Calvin
MF 8 MATSUOKA, Ryosuke MF 18 ONO, Shinji (90'+1)
MF 7 PARK, Kang-jo MF 28 TAKEUCHI, Ryo (53')
MF 10 BOTTI FW 11 OMAE, Genki
MF 17 YOSHIDA, Takayuki (68') FW 13 TAKAGI, Toshiyuki
FW 11 POPO FW 19 TAKAHARA, Naohiro (80')
Substitutes Substitutes
GK 1 KISHI, Takahide GK 29 USUI, Kenpei
DF 14 MIYAMOTO, Tsuneyasu DF 3 HIRAOKA, Yasuhiro
DF 21 MOGI, Hiroto (60') DF 26 MURAMATSU, Taisuke (80')
DF 15 OYA, Tsubasa MF 6 SUGIYAMA, Kota (53')
MF 20 MORIOKA, Ryota (68') MF 7 YAMAMOTO, Masaki
FW 19 ARITA, Koki FW 8 EDAMURA, Takuma
FW 26 MISHIMA, Kohei (89') FW 27 NABETA, Atomu (90'+1)
KOMOTO (22')
MIHARA (74')
ONO (76')
JONG-A-PIN (77', 77')
- JONG-A-PIN (77')

Post Match Comments

YOSHIDA: Overall
"I thought the game was played at our pace for the 90 minutes. It was a blow to go a goal down to a set piece, but we had a lot of chances in the first half and we should've taken at least one. Our shape was good but we just couldn't finish. As a forward, I need to take responsibility for that."
You were aiming for 4 more wins..
"Yes, a draw at home really hurts, but we want to finish in the top 9 and we will give everything to try and achieve that."
La Famiglia: I agree with Yoshida in that we controlled the majority of the match. We had twice as many shots on goal as them and I think we deserved no less than a draw. To be honest, I thought S-Pulse would bring a little more to this match. Only a few times during the 90 minutes did we see flashes of the class that makes them a better team, at least on paper, and they must be more than satisfied with the point considering this performance. Personally, I was disappointed we didn't get to see Freddy - he's an unreal player! Takahara, however, looks very uninterested and I can see why Urawa let him go. For us, Botti and Popo were the stand-outs again. Botti completely controlled the midfield, pinging passes left, right and center, and Popo was involved in all of our attacks. They way he set up our equalizer, totally embarrassing my fellow countryman Eddy, was pure class. It needs to be said that the extra man advantage after Jong-a-pin was sent off helped us a lot. Ghotbi's attempt to go into shut-down mode backfired and it really looked like we could even snatch the 3 points. Regarding the sending off, it appears that Jong-a-pin is unaware of the rules of football. Just because your foot touches the ball doesn't mean you can bring down a player, especially from behind. ".. but I got the ball" went out years ago. He acted like a total knobhead and was rightly given his marching orders. The La Famiglia camera caught the entire incident. Anyway, we have almost ensured J1 status which, in itself, is a real achievement for us at this point in the season.

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