Monday, April 30

Amakudari from Gamba

Who would have thought that our arch enemy would end up being our "feeder" club. It appears, however, that it is not only players in the twilight of their careers that Vissel have extended the golden handshake to. Several media outlets have reported over the past 24 hours that ex-Gamba manager, Akira Nishino, is to succeed Wada as Vissel manager.

Ambitious Vissel have decided that Wada's  3 league wins out of 8, a record that would normally been good enough to secure any past manager in his position, is not the start of the season we need to achieve our goal of a top 4 finish in the league this season. I agree that if a change is going to be made, it should be sooner rather than later, but skeptical as to whether we can afford the salary that Nishino demands. During his long tenure over at the dark side, he was one of the highest paid managers in Japan (the highest Japanese) earning well over 100 million yen per season.

Head coach Ryo Adachi will be in the hot seat for the next 1 or 2 games and Nishino is expected to take charge of the big match against Grampus on May 12.

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