Tuesday, December 4

We ain't dead yet!

The season may be over, but there is still life on the practice grounds in Ibuki-no-mori.

We have at least one more game, and hopefully 3 more. The next is this Saturday the 8th at 1pm in Universiade Stadium in Sogoundokoen against Kawasaki Frontale.

This will be an Emperor's Cup match, and it is a knockout game so show up for your team!

You can get tickets at any Family Mart or Lawson, but be careful...make sure you clikc the "entertainment" option on the first screen rather than the "sports" option. You won't find it under "sports" (we've all seen stranger things in this country so stop laughing back there!).

To get to Sogoundokoen, get on the Yamanote-Seishin Subway line and get off at Sogoundokoen station (for you newbies, it's the one that you can't pronouce yet). From the station, go left and either follow the crowds or walk till you see a huge stadium. kinda cool from the outside and crap from the inside, this stadium is old school and offers you nothing more than smelly toilets and bleacher seating unless you want to spend hordes of money on boring seats.

Also, for those of you who ordered, t-shirts will be ready that day. Make sure you bring your 2ooo yennies.

See ya there yo!

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