Thursday, December 13

Yeah, that was awful

Sooooooo...about the game last Saturday.

A pure recipe for disaster. A front office that wasn't taking the game seriously enough, the goal-tender wasn't tending, the defense wasn't defending, and the offense was offensive. Add a dash of crap reffing and you got what we got.


Now I'm not so pissed off that we lost, but to go down like that...oof...

Well, that's all that you'll hear from us about soccer for awhile. We've got until March to get our shit together. Stay tuned in from time to time for random updates about trades and signings and random musings and whatnot.

We will be having a trip to Sapporo next season, and from what some other guys have told me, we are definitely interested in the option of going to the Sapporo Dome!! Always a fun trip up there.

Until next time my soldiers. Keep the faith.

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