Friday, March 14


See this train? That's a Kobe boy in there. He looks lonely doesn't he. Looks like he needs some company to look at his pornos.

Therefore, I, the Godfather, have decided that we will take trains together this year!!!!

We have a game on the 15th! At 3pm! In Kobe! And we will meet! At Sannomiya Hanadokei mae! The BLUE SUBWAY!!! at 1:15pm.

We will leave the station by 1:30 on the trains bound for none other than KOBEEEEEE WING STAAAAADIUM!!!! Bring your own drinks and snacks and for you newbies, the oldbies will show you how to sneak it all in!!

and of course, after the game...


Also if you can read this, let me know and leave a comment.

Check this out for a video of yet another new cheer (the song for Shota)

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