Tuesday, March 18

A very eventful Saturday

It started out like any normal Saturday. Wake up, send a couple emails, get some grub, and then I emailed Yamashiro to find out what time we had to be at the stadium. He said 9. It was 8:30

Quickly I got into my battle gear and arrived at the stadium.

Properly showered and fed, I arrived at the stadium at approximately 9:30 am (for a 3pm kickoff). After meeting Yamashiro and getting deservedly shoved around a bit for being late, I got straight to work at setting the up display for the game which included approximately a whole truck load of colored placards to be rolled up and placed in the cup holders behind the seats in the supporters' section.

Benefits: Meeting new supporters whom I had not met before, putting together a kickass design that looked good in the end.

Consequences: Having to get out of bed, deciding the supporters were geeks, papercuts.

While you were sleeping...

Having set up the placards correctly, it was time for a bit more feeding with Taichi, so we set off for the nearby convinient store. By this time it was 11 am and the paper rolling festival back at the grounds had left me a bit peckish. It was time for a quick Seafood Cup Noodle.
For those of you who don't know, this is a delicious little ditty made of dried seafood and noodles with spices all mixed up in there. They put it in a styrofoam cup, drop in some near boiling water, and within 3 minutes you have yourself a meal. College kids - start drooling. It's lovely.

After eating a while and having a chat, there was nothing left to do for the next couple of hours except bum around the stadium, look at some of the crappy new merchandise that the club forces upon us, and say hi to some other supporters whom we had not seen for a while.

We also had a banner made that supporters could sign. When Movi (our mascot) and Super Wing (the Stadium's mascot) come over, the cheers of "kawaaaaiiiii" could be heard en masse.

Later on, not much happened until game time. Typical stuff. Put up banners, had a couple drinks, had a couple chats, went into the stadium, met some more friends who came (proper La Famiglia members...NONE of whom got on the trains!!)

Then came time to teach some new songs. Taichi was leading it for the most part, but for the first time, I got to lead a new one!!! It is a version of "Djobi, Djoba" by the Gypsie Kings, and I was the only one who could really sing it with any confidence, and from there it was off to the races! Everyone learned it pretty well and still ended up messing it up in the stadium, but it was the first game. We'll get it down.

Game started, and what can I say...we played BRILLIANTLY!!! 4-1 against a team that was supposed to beat us 3-0. I don't even want to give a match report cause I'm so obviously biased. Refs were pretty good for the most part and Hulk was our bitch all day.

Afterwards, a very rowdy time at Tachinomi, followed by a RAUCUS birthday party for Alex and Brent down at a Pro Wrestling bar (more pics to come). If you know what happened after that, you know why I don't want to put it in my blog. If you REALLY wanna know, leave a comment and I may or may not tell you.

Summary for the week - if we play like this all season, we will be un-fucking-stoppable!!!!!!!!!!!!


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