Tuesday, April 8


I managed to watch a replay of the game last night. The red card SHOULD NOT have been a straight red. Okada, you're a prick. The handball was DEFINITE and therefore should DEFINITELY HAVE BEEN CALLED. I also managed to get a couple videos off of the tv with my camera, so I'll try to get those up later.

As of now, KYOTO DENSHA JACK 2008 has been planned and will be kicking off in Sannomiya in front of SOGO.

In Sannomiya, we will meet on the bridge in front of Sogo at 8:50. VIKING has generously paid to use this space, so please come!!!

Sannomiya 9.22
Kasuganomichi 9.24
Oji Koen 9.26
Rokko 9.29
Mikage 9.31
Okamoto 9.34
Ashiyagawa 9.36
Shukagawa 9.39
Nishinomiya Kitaguchi 9.48
Mukonoso 9.51
Tsukaguchi 9.54
Sonoda 9.56
Kanzakigawa 9.59
Juso 10.02
Nakazawa 10.04
Umeda 10.05

At Umeda, we will change trains, and possible meet up with another group of fans outside of the station.

From Umeda 10.20
Juso 10.23
Awaji 10.28
Ibaraki Shi 10.37
Takatsuki-shi 10.42
Nagaoka Tenjin 10.50
Change Trains
Katsura 10.56
Nishi Kyome 10.59

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