Monday, April 7

Sunday's Shenanegans with Okada "ref"

The truth is that I'm too pissed off about the officiating to actually write something about the game. Here's my thoughts: We didn't play like we deserved to win. That being said, the muther Focking ref didn't help at all. "No Mr. Laurent, I didn't see that hand ball in the box that could've given you a PK to tie the game," said Okada in a post game piss up session. "But believe you me, I'll buy you all a night out and my wallet will still be thick as hell...excuse me, your local yakuza is calling to tell me where to pick up the money."

Here's what they wrote on Rising Sun News. Thanks Matsu.

"The return of the Incredible Hulk to his Verdy green stomping grounds ignited a fire under the team and carried them to their first victory. . . or at least that is the story line that the press is hoping you will swallow. In actual fact, while Givanildo "Hulk" de Souza did look impressive and worked very hard for the full 90 minutes, he really was not a decisive factor in this contest.

"A far greater role was played by Mr. Masayoshi Okada, who followed up a very controversial call last week in the Kyoto - Kashiwa match with an even more disputable decision this week. With Vissel a goal down at home, but chasing the equaliser with steadily increasing impetus, Mr. Okada shocked just about everyone in the stadium -- Verdy players included -- by giving Yoshito Okubo a straight red for what looked like an entirely incidental collision with Yukio Tsuchiya. Mr. Okada claimed that Okubo had elbowed Tsuchiya in the face, but replays suggest that he was merely trying to head the ball on goal, and that Tsuchiya ran into Okubo's forearm rather than vice-versa. Then again, after Ventforet Kofu's Yosuke Ikehata got sent off on a straight red card, on a play in which he didnt even come close to touching ANYONE, we suppose that this should just be viewed as "business as usual" in the J.League.

"Verdy got the lone goal of the match late in the first half, after rookie Hiroki Kono snatched up a weak clearance at the edge of the VIssel boxk and drove a shot past Tatsuya Enomoto before any of the VIssel defenders could react. Mr. Okada's timely intervention snuffed out any hope of a Vissel comeback, and earned Verdy their first win of the season."

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