Friday, April 4

Who is La Famiglia??

We are.

A group of mainly casual fans, most of whom show up about 15 minutes before the game (despite the fact that the white guy laying down gets there HOURS before, saves them seats, and then they lose them because people want their flags back).

Going from the left up top, there is Wendy and Brent (collectively known as Brendy), who are happily married and from England (Leeds). Then we have Rich from Australia, his girl, Yoko (I think), and his Quebecois friend, Frank who is tucked back there. The idiot who must be flipping someone off on the other side of the street behind him is our very own Belgian Waffle, Jan. Watch your tendons around him.... The tall white guy next to him is Aussie Jay. If you ever see a video on this site, it's his fault. The two short Japanese girls in front of them are Jun and Mu-chan. Jun's husband, Barry, is the Brit with his eyes shut and his hand up in the waving with a sense of a Native American "How." Lady with the green hat is Nogachi, and I don't know who the other girl is. Probably Nogachi's friend. Down there on the bottom is myself (the white guy), Toshie (the cute girl) and Taichi (the other guy laying down).

In a wierd turn of events, I, despite the fact that I pretty much run the site and do the shirts and all, am NOT in La Famiglia. Neither is Taichi. We are both in Viking, the main group in the stadium. All I do is this and shirts and facilitate the group. A few other regulars are not in this picture, but we'll work on that in the next game. Greg, our other resident Aussie, has been back in the homeland for most of the season and hasn't been able to make it to a game.

Another happy couple of La Famiglia are these two. Darlene (New Zealand) and James (Brit) both work with me and enjoyed the first Cube Caravan down to Hiroshima along with myself and Toshi.


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