Thursday, May 8

The Prince of Inconsistence.

So...let me get this straight...We beat Gamba, put up hearty battles against Kashima and Urawa, and then lose to Kashiwa 3-0.

I don't get it, but I found out in a personality test that I believe there is a reasonable explanation for everything. So, here goes.

OK...uhhhh. Gamba. 2005 champs. Urawa. 2006 champs. Kashima. 2007 champs. Kashiwa. ...........uhhhhh. They have a star on their shirt, does that count?

Naw naw naw, there's gotta be something else, but what could it possibly be?!


Or as I like to know him, "wah wah wah-kun." Apparently, the bitching whining and moaning session that deservedly got him his yellow card was because he was bleeding and the ref just couldn't see it.

Nor did I. Unfortunately, i also didn't see him right after the game having another anger management problem with the ref. As has been reported to me, the ref told him to leave the field or risk getting another card and missing the next game. Okubo, the educated man that he is, simply replied "Do it then!"

Lucky for us (us as in the fans, not Okubo), the ref didn't take it out and simply walked off the field. I say that it's lucky for us because we already lost Botti on a 4th yellow for the next game. Okubo, I say it's unlucky that he didn't get the second yellow.

The boy needs to learn his lesson. He got the ellow armband and simply went off the deep end on a power trip. He feels that he has the right to do and say as he likes for as long as he likes to whom he likes, even if it means watching the ball roll over his feet and into his own goal.

What Vissel needs is a change in on field leadership. We need a player with more experience and more self control. Someone who can appeal to refferees and get them on his team's side rather than just yelling at them.

My first choice would be Kim Nam-il. He always tends to keep his mouth shut when he knows he should. Then again, it might be because his Japanese is non-existant. Moot option.

My next choice would be Enomoto. He is a keeper, so he sees nearly everything. He furthermore has championship experience, and knows how to calmly argue a point. Also, he's friggin' huge so he could calmly, but firmly intimidate the officials. However, he is a keeper. Moot option.

Botti. See Kim Nam-il.

Which brings me to Kurihara. Not a big name player, not surprised if you don't know who he is. However, he has been with the club forever. He seems to speak reasonably at a reasonable tone with plenty of respect, which gets you everywhere in this country. My current vote is for him, at least until Okubo learns to control himself.

But as of now, we need a different captain. Okubo has proven that he is willing to stand up to referees, but to the extent that it damages the club. When the team is losing, he gets too defensive and stops playing the game altogether, far too caught up with his own arguments with other players or even the officials. Seriously Okubo, shut up and play the game. You're seriously starting to piss off the fans.

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