Monday, May 19

This is going to be incredibly painful.

Something akin to ripping off a spike-covered bandaid from an open would and dousing it with damp sea salt. But given the situation, it has to be done.

Good on ya Urawa.


Normally I wouldn't do that, but hey, they attacked Gamba.

I learned something about myself on Saturday, and it's that I hate Gamba more than Urawa. More of a confirmation of what I already knew, but it's good to have that kind of confirmation either way.

Well, with that painful part of my life over, I can now get on with what I would also like to say, which will feel like putting neosporin on the wound I just created for myself.

You bitchy whiny moany pieces of bleeding vagina!!!

Tulio - you're a twit. Go back to Mexico or wherever the hell you come from. I saw more sportsmanship out of Chinese fans at the last East Asian Cup than you while I was watching you cry that faux top knot off your head when you saw Gamba players *GASP* celebrating a win. No, you fucknutter, it wasn't over the top. You're just stupid. That's all.

To Urawa supporters. Urawa Boys, I'm looking in your direction.

You RETARDS who FOLLOW and SUPPORT the bitchy whiny moany pieces of bleeding vagina!!!

Seriously, what were you thinking?

Sorry, I forgot that you're all Urawa supporters and you go to those games so you don't have to think. You let one idiot (who isn't all that good at thinking to begin with) who dons himself in a...I shit you bedsheet, so that it looks like a toga. You're not Roman, you never were, you never will be. You're just a twit like the rest of 'em.

And to think...there's some 60,000 of you in one podunk little town with no other identity. How did they all end up in Urawa...hmmmmmm....

Got it! Saitama stadium is a magnet for braindead morons. Ever seen them walking to games? I think that if i make a movie, call it "Day of the Walking Dead Soccer Fans" and just show Urawa fans chanting in that OH SO unoriginal manner "Wii ah lez...Wii ah lez...Wii ah lez..." hmm. I might be onto a gold mine.

Speaking of lez, I saw a bunch of your women when you came to Kobe...keep em.


I'm out.

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