Monday, December 8

That's it for 2008

Well, it wasn't a very nice way to finish the season, 0-2 against Reysol at home. But all was forgiven after a few beers because, once again, we remain in J1. Some at the club are looking back on this year as a disappointment (apparently we were targeting a top 5 finish) but 10th seems about right to me considering our squad. Splash out the cash, bring in some real quality... then, move up the table. That's the way it works in modern football.

Kurihara played his last game for us, as a late substitute again, and he was given a nice send off by a few fans after the game outside the ground. He has been a real inspiration at Vissel over the years and we wish him well - wherever he ends up next year.

Our manager Matsuda had his last game, too. He received a decent farewell from the fans and it was obvious he didn't want to leave. Personally, I would have liked to have given him at least one season with a really strong squad, but hey - that's life.
Vissel - bring in someone GOOD.

Okubo said a few words at the end and though he didn't say anything about his future (the move to Germany), I kinda got the feeling that he has made up his mind to go.
No tears here at Famiglia over that one.

All in all, I would have to say it's been a pretty good season - up and down as we've grown accustomed to expect, but I will hibernate well over the next 3 months knowing that we will be better in 2009.
How's that for optimism!

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