Tuesday, January 6

Leandro moves to Gamba!!

This has to be the most shocking Vissel news for ages.

OK. Let's look at this rationally. I will admit suggesting once or twice during last season that we could sell Leandro and wouldn't miss him that much. After all, he was playing shit.
But now that he's gone, I'm not so sure.

You see, there are two things.

First, it's Gamba. Letting players go to your archenemy just doesn't feel right. In fact, there are even clubs that don't do this - on principle. Had he gone to Grampus or Frontale, for example, it probably wouldn't bother me that much. I would watch him from time to time and manage a smile each time he scores a nice goal.
Instead, I will be hoping that he has a crap season and the fond memories I have will fade away, eventually turning into spite.
Remember Bando?

The second thing is his replacement.
In TWO days, we have lost our TWO top goal scorers for the past TWO seasons.
We need TWO more forwards, because there are only TWO months left before the new season starts.

Oh, and we have just brought in TWO Brazilians.

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