Friday, January 16

Vissel signs Miyamoto!!

I've just heard that Vissel will sign ex-national team captain Tsuneyasu Miyamoto from Red Bull Salzburg.
Basically, I reckon this is a pretty good signing for us considering our defense was shit more times than not last year, but there are a couple of reasons why I'm not over the moon.

If I recall correctly, he was a regular in the national team throughout Zico's tenure, most of which he was captain, but fell out of favor when Osim came in. I remember him as a hugely inspirational player that gave his all in every match he played.
The fact that he was first choice center back at Gamba for 10 years should count for something, too. Fair enough, no-one's gonna forgive him for being ex-Gamba, but I'd like to think that the 2 year "cleansing" period he underwent in Austria was enough to wash away that Gamba scum - Scumba! Hey, a new word!!!

So, why am I not over the moon?

1. He's 32. Yes, experience counts for a lot, but you couldn't really call this building for the future.

2. He's TOO SHORT (176cm). He struggled a lot in the internationals I saw him play simply because he couldn't match the opposition (strikers) for height. This may not have been such an issue in the J-league in past years, but most J1 teams now have a few foreigners in their squads, many of whom are forwards. Even the defenders we already have are all over 180cm!

3. He was injured (sorry, no details) in Austria and I'm pretty sure he recently underwent an operation. At his age, this would normally be considered "high risk" in football.

4. I thought that the new manager might be toying with the idea of moving Kim Nam Il into the back line (central defense) seeing we have a new defensive midfield "star". If that's not the case, I still wonder where he's planning on playing him.

In terms of squad changes it's been are pretty disappointing off-season so far. Training starts next week and they leave for the Guam camp at the end of the month. So our new "short, old, ex-Gamba, just back from injury" signing should give us something to cheer about.

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