Sunday, January 18

The next captain?

When asked about his reasons for choosing Vissel in the press conference yesterday, one of the things Miyamoto said was that he felt Vissel was the club that needed him the most. Then I realized that the departure of our top goal scorer has also left us without a captain.

Was Miyamoto brought in to be our next captain??
Do we have anyone else that could do it?

Let's see.
Firstly, the captain would have to be someone who is a first team regular. Here are the likely candidates including the new boys.
Enomoto, Kobayashi, Kitamoto, Kim Nam Il, Park, Botti, Uchiyama, Yoshida, Tanaka, Suzuki, Ishibitsu, Matsuoka, Ganaha, Bahia, Marcel and Miyamoto.

Now, if we eliminate the following; players that were often used as subs last year, players without the necessary language skills and players under 26 (this is Japan), we are left with...
Enomoto, Kobayashi, Kitamoto, Yoshida, Ganaha and Miyamoto.

With the signing of Miyamoto, either Kitamoto or Kobayashi will lose their place in central defense, hence eliminating them as a possible candidate.
Kobayashi out.
I assume we will be signing another striker (unless the club is pinning our top 5 aspirations on the strike force of Marcel + Ganaha/Baba/Kishida/Yoshida).
Ganaha and Yoshida out.
The captain has to be someone who can get in the ref's face wherever and whenever needed.
Enomoto out.

That leaves Kitamoto and Miyamoto.

Or does anyone have another theory?

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