Monday, March 9

Kyoto 1 - 0 Vissel

Vissel lost their first game of the 2009 season away at Kyoto yesterday. After out playing Kyoto for most of the first half, we were unfortunate to go a goal down 10 minutes before half time due to some sloppy defending (it is worth mentioning, however, that the defense looked fairly solid for most of the game).
Kyoto played well in the second half to defend their lead which could have been extended a couple of times, despite Vissel having more of the ball and shots on goal. Our attack was nowhere near as enthusiastic as our defense, and it honestly felt like we were playing as if WE were one goal up. To sum up, it wasn't a bad defeat and the team showed some promising signs for this year.

Here are some comments on the new players that started the game.

#28 Oya (DF): Looked out of his league. Didn't stop trying until the final whistle but had trouble dealing with their right winger. This was his first game ever in the J league and the manager shouldn't have started him.

#14 Miyamoto (DF): Impressive. Made some great tackles and kept the back line solid, especially after Kitamoto went off.

#8 Alan Bahia (MF): Looks promising. Seems to be good at holding the ball up and made a couple of nice penetrating passes. But his lack of height makes him weak in the air. Didn't win a header the whole game.

#9 Marcel (FW): Crap. Very slow and uninspired. Wasted a couple of opportunities and didn't try for most of the second half. In his post-match comments he said, "their 2 tall center backs made it a tough opening game." Funny thing for the TALLEST player (besides our GK) on the field to say! He also said, "I tried to change my movement in the second half as I was being marked heavily." Bullshit. The only difference I saw was his slow jog turn into a walk.

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