Wednesday, March 4

Plan for Kyoto away - Sun March 8

The first match of the 2009 season is only days away, so I figure we need some kind of plan. We have 2 options.

The Densha Jack is happening as usual with Vikinghi, 11 Stones et al - departing from Sannomiya at 9:02. For those of you who don't know, it's a 2-hour local train ride with all the hard core supporters which could definitely be a fun way to kick off the season. I realize most of us here at La Famiglia usually shy away from these early starts due to our pre-dawn jogging / meditation commitments, but I would be willing to make an exception this time if enough of you are keen.

Assuming not, here's the plan.

11:30 - Meet @ Hankyu Sannomiya (West exit)
11:41 - Sannomiya→Nishikyogoku (arrive 12:49)

This will give us enough time to stock up on supplies and get seats.

Prediction: Vissel 2 - 1 Kyoto

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barry said...

plan 2 sounds good 4 us