Friday, March 13

Starting lineup for Kawasaki @ home

I can't think of a better linup for the match against Kawasaki than this.

Botti is still out so Matsuoka or Baba are our only real options there (where's Kurihara?). Suzuki MUST start for the simple fact that we need a free kick taker and Uchiyama starts instead of Oya. If we are trailing in the 2nd half, Tanaka can slide into the middle and Ishibitsu can push further forward. If park is needed up the right for an extra option, either Yoshida or Ganaha (the more effective up until that point) could play as an out-and-out striker.

Someone mentioned to me this week that Ganaha might be the key as he knows how Kawasaki plays, but I fear it could work the other way.

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manyar said...

Hope Ganaha gets a game tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a good open match!