Sunday, March 15

Vissel 2 - 1 Kawasaki

Vissel staged a pretty amazing comeback yesterday to defeat Kawasaki Frontale in the first home game of the season. Chong headed in a nice Juninho cross only seconds before the half time whistle to give the visitors a deserved lead, but goals from Sudo and Matsuhashi in the second half gave most of the 15,000 people a reason to have a few extra drinks later on in celebration of our first points in 2009.

Sometimes you lose games that you deserve to win, but this game was kind of the opposite scenario. Well, no one could fault our players for their effort, so in that sense we deserved something out of the game, but had Kawasaki played to their full potential (I think WE pretty much did), they would've beaten us easily.

I was surprised (and relieved) to see Botti start for the first time in 4 months and it was obvious that he is going to be our only hope this year at the front of the midfield. Kim Nam-Il was unreal for us again - we really would be a mess without him.

Our forwards, however, just don't have what it takes to make us a top team in the league. At times, like yesterday, they will bring it on. But they're just not good enough to consistently score goals in J1. Chong and Juninho, despite yesterday's result, reek of class. You can see them causing trouble for any defence in the league and they WILL score a heap of goals again this year. All of the top teams have class up front. We don't. Leandro's replacement Marcel looked awful last week, and Ganaha, who we haven't seen yet, wouldn't have even made the Kawasaki bench yesterday!

Anyway, we won!
I suppose pessimism this early in the campaign won't help us either.

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