Monday, May 11

Vissel 2 - 2 Nagoya

For the neutral, this would've been a great game to watch. For us... it was just heartbreaking. To go in at half time 0-0 against Grampus, who incidentally have been playing some superb football this year, was an indication that we had a chance of getting something out of this game. But it looked all over when Nam-Il scored a 45 yard own goal 5 minutes into the second half! I won't go on about it because we all know that shit happens and that's that.
It was after that when Vissel started to play some nice attacking football and Mogi brought us back into the match with another impressive goal. We couldn't believe our luck when Mogi was brought down by Narazaki in the area only minutes later, and Marcel put us 2-1 up! The penalty was deserved but Mogi wasn't actually on goal so Narazaki will be kicking himself when he sees the replay. Unfortunately, our second goal probably came a little too early because it meant we had to defend against a good team desperate to score an equalizer. It came for them in injury time and to be fair they probably deserved it.
Except for Marcel who was taken off after his penalty, everyone on the pitch gave it their all and it felt like a loss when that last minute goal went in. Still, now that the tears have dried, a point against Grampus doesn't seem like a bad result.

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