Wednesday, May 13

Okubo back to Kobe??

Vissel have made an official offer to bring Yoshito Okubo back to Kobe from Wolfsburg.

Okubo has spent most of this season on the bench WATCHING Wolfsburg play amazing football, and they are currently at the top of the Bundesliga with only a couple of weeks remaining. The problem is, the man who brought him in, manager Felix Magath, has just decided to quit at the end of the season to take over at Schalke, leaving a cloud of doubt over our ex-show off.

Some reports have said that the player feels the lack of playing opportunities will be detrimental to his hope of being a key member in Japan's national squad for South Africa in 2010. However, La Famiglia has a credible source (wishing to remain anonymous) who overheard Yoshito speaking with his agent at a recent training session.
"Leave?? F%#* yeah!! I would even sign for Leeds if it meant not having to wear this stupid looking shirt anymore!"
Fair play.

But the question is, do we really want him back?
I say, if we can make a straight swap with Marcel, f%#* yeah!!

Oh, and for those of you wondering why the manager has decided to quit only weeks before his team is to win the title, here's what the man himself said.
"We are in professional sport and it is all about money. Everything else is a load of tosh."
Sounds like a nice chap!


Anonymous said...

Even if he did return, there are no numbers available for him. None that I could see him accepting anyway...
Just can't imagine "Yoshito 37".

Anonymous said...

Okubo at Leeds; f*** off, the black clouds are finally parting to show a white lining. Okubo back at Vissel f*** yeah can put up with his theatrics especially if he's celebrating a goal or ten. He can have Marcel's number.