Sunday, May 24

Vissel 3 - 1 Reysol

What do you get when 2 very average teams try to play attacking football?
An ugly but very exciting game of football! And the result? Well, Reysol were worse than us today - so we won.

We were without Miyamoto for the first time this year in the league which meant Kitamoto took on the captain's armband. And I must say, he was immense. The defense was far from rock solid but it would've been a lot worse without him. Other noteworthy performances came from Park, Matsuoka and, as usual, Enomoto.

I'm going to lay off Marcel a bit today because he played slightly better than usual. I'll give him 3/10 (his highest score for the season) - 1 point for the simple header he put in 5 feet from the goal and 2 points for the header to set up the Park goal. But he is still seriously slow (and lazy) so I really don't think the J-league is for him.

Check out all the goals below.


Futbol Japonés said...

I think this is our year. Vissel will be up of the 10th at the final of the league. Excuse me if my my english is bag.

I think Marcel could be better, but is the one forward with garantees in the team. Ganaha is better but he is in a poor physical form.

Anonymous said...

Our table for the Nabisco Cup:

Really, thinking that we've already beaten Kashiwa and Yamagata, if we can do it again we may be in pretty good shape!