Saturday, May 23

Nam-Il out for 2 months

It seems that Kim Nam-Il's injury is much worse than we expected. He has an injury to his left thigh that will require 2 months of treatment.
That really sucks.


Futbol Japonés said...

I knew your blog yesterday and i think that is incredible. I am a Vissel Kobe fan, i would like to be a member of Famiglia di Kobe.

Where i can found wallpapers of Vissel??

I would like know another Vissels fans.

Thank you very much. I will visit your blog frecuently.

Jay said...

Thank you for visiting the website.

If you want to find Vissel wallpaper, just do a google search for "Vissel wallpaper" or "ヴィッセル 壁紙" and then click on images. There are lots.

If you would like to join La Famiglia, contact us through this website just before the next game and we can meet you at the ground!