Tuesday, June 30

Caio quits!!!

Caio Junior has resigned as manager of Vissel Kobe.
Not a whole lot to say except.. goodbye.
Masahiro Wada has taken over (for now) and his first game in charge will be this Saturday at home to FC tokyo.


dokool said...

What's the mood over there between Caio and the Norio thing? We're all kinda in shock about Norio over in Tokyo as well...

Red Orca said...

Just as a matter of interest, is Gert Engels still living in Kobe? Maybe Mikitani should appoint a local resident. :-)

Jay said...

dokool: We're all both relieved and worried. Obviously it didn't work out with Caio so he had to go. But changing managers at this stage of the season is a recipe for relegation.
It has happened before.

Red Orca: Don't know where he's living but he has been linked with us.