Tuesday, July 28

The Salary Issue

A few days ago, someone questioned Step 7 of my 15 step plan to world dominance, claiming that reducing the wage bill by 30% would be absolutely impossible. So, I had a go.

Miyamoto - 100mil → OUT
He's old and not that great in his real position. He probably wouldn't take a pay cut – so out. I suppose he's a good captain but Okubo could take that role.
Nam Il - 80mil → 70mil
Great player. Keep him for 2 more years during which time Matsuoka can learn from him.
Botti - 75mil → 65mil
Give him 1 more year to justify his salary – otherwise out.
Alan B - 60mil → OUT
No more foreign loan players.
Okubo - 60mil ('08) → 80mil
Let's be honest. He's probably our best player on his day, still relatively young and almost any team would take him. Make him our best paid player and make sure he stays this time.
Marcel - 55mil → OUT
No more foreign loan players, especially like him.
Enomoto - 40mil → SAME
Kitamoto - 40mil → SAME
Off form recently but deserves a chance to get it back.
Ganaha - 25mil → OUT
Hasn't really had the chance to prove himself but he's 30 next year and overpaid. Out.
Ishibitsu - 20mil → 30mil
Superb. 50% pay rise. If he wants to leave – 100% pay rise.
Yoshida - 20mil → OUT
33 next year. Thanks for your service. Out.
Komoto - 17mil → SAME
Young and improving.
Uchiyama - 16mil → OUT
32 next year. Thanks for your service. Out.
Kobayashi - 16mil → SAME
2 more years – max.
Tokushige - 15mil → SAME
Solid backup.
Sudo - 15mil → OUT
Not good enough and old. Out
Park - 15mil → SAME
2 or 3 more years (if he is fit) then a coaching role.
Tanaka - 15mil → SAME
Good worker but should start less.
Matsuhashi - 13mil → SAME
Seems surplus to needs. Another year for now.
Koga - 13mil → SAME
Still performs but getting old. 1-2 more years then out.
Mogi - 12mil → 15mil
We would be fucked right now without his goals this season.
Matsuoka - 9mil → 12mil
The future.
Yanagawa - 8mil → SAME
Still only 22. Possible replacement for Kitamoto in 4 years.
Niwa - 7mil → SAME

Unsure. But still young.
Baba - 7mil → 9mil
Has played a lot over the last 2 years. Potential, but 50-50 I'd say.
Kishida - 7mil → OUT
Not good enough.
Gakuto - 4.8mil → OUT
Not good enough.
Mihara - 4.8mil → 5mil
On loan to Kanazawa now. Bring him back next year and let's see.
Oya - 4.5mil → 5mil
Kishi - 4mil → 5mil
Don't know if he's any good but we need a third keeper.
Kusunose - 4mil → 5mil
Looks good and he's left footed. Koga replacement.
Uetani - 3.8mil → 4.5mil
Don't know but keep the young guys for now.

Well, that brings the 786 million yen wage bill down to 504 million. But, we've also lost 9 players. The squad of 32 is actually 3 or 4 players larger than many J.league teams so if we can bring in 6 new ones we will have a reasonable size squad.

If we allocate 125 million yen from 282 million yen saved from the cuts to spend on wages for new players, the annual wage bill will have been cut by 20%. This is less than the 30% I originally said but it will enable us to star anew, free of the overpaid deadwood. And 125mil could get us 2 DFs, 2 MFs and 2 FWs. Something like this.

1. FW - a proven striker in J1: 50mil.
2. FW - someone under 23 from a J2 team: 10mil.
3. MF - a proven central midfielder in J1: 25mil.
4. MF - an up and coming under 23: 8mil.
5. DF - a powerhouse central DF: 25mil.
6. DF - an up and coming under 23: 7mil.

Compared to the shitty team we have now, this squad already looks better and the wage bill has been cut by 20%, or 157 million yen. That would be more than enough to pay for the free away bus tours, a real post-match beer garden, replacement flags for the stupid KitKat ones and a team of smokin' hot cheer girls in crimson red bikinis.

Mikitani... you're welcome.

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