Sunday, July 26

Vissel 1 - 2 Omiya

Vissel's terrible run of form continued with a 2-1 defeat at home to Omiya yesterday. That means we have won only one game in over 2 months.

We had the better chances in the first half, and had the goal been 40 feet high we would've been 2-0 up at half time thanks to 2 skillfully placed shots by Okubo aiming to take out a couple of Omiya supporters in the back row.

Omiya played just how you would expect a team in 14th place desperately trying to stay out of the relegation zone to play away from home, deep and conservative. They had few shots on goal but obviously took the ones that mattered. Considering they hadn't scored any goals over their last 3 matches, they will probably look back on this victory in December as one of the key points in the season.

For us, however, it goes from bad to worse. Our link up play from box to box was non-existent, both Kitamoto and Komoto seemed almost scared to pass forward and wasted about 15 of the 93 minutes passing between themselves and neither Botti or Miyamoto created anything. Koga justified his return to the first team with some solid running up the left so I hope he keeps his place for now, and Ishibitsu continues to cross in phenomenal passes from the right for... er... nobody.

We need some changes.

1. If Miyamoto has to start, it must be in the only position he can play, central defense.

2. Except Nam Il (injured), Matsuoka is our best volante so he must start.

3. Playing Okubo too far forward is a waste. He is strong on the ball, fast and has vision. He should be played in the hole - where Rooney usually plays for ManU.

4. We need someone in the middle who can link up with the front 4, i.e. someone who is quick and can pass accurately. Botti is off form so it's time to give Alan Bahia a go.

5. Mogi has been in form all year and Koga has looked good in the last 2 games. They start.

6. We need a proven J.league goal scorer up front. Apart from Okubo, Ganaha is the only one. Give him a go.

*Miyamoto remains captain for now.
*Koga takes the corners on the left.
*Ishibitsu takes the corners on the right and the free kicks (Matsuoka drops back)
*Okubo takes the PKs.


Yoshiya said...

I doubt Ganaha can do this part.
Botti should be there in order to
share pressure with Alan.
Kitamoto should stay out for a while.

My plan

Koga Mogi
Botti AB
Tsune Koumoto Teru Bitsu

How is this?

Jay said...

"I doubt Ganaha can do this part."
You may be right. I was thinking more about putting Okubo in HIS best position - behind the striker.

"Botti should be there in order to
share pressure with Alan."
2 playmakers next to each other? Usually doesn't work. If AB can't handle his position by himself, he shouldn't be in the team.

"Kitamoto should stay out for a while."
Yes. I was thinking that but I thought I would upset to many people.

Miyamoto at left back? No. He's right footed. I would rather put Koga at left back and Kusonose in Koga's current position.